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The Works Coworking held the Tilde Loop: Winter Tech Event on Thursday, January 19. Tilde Loop brought together the developer community in Split for the second time since the opening of the office in Split.

The Works’ lounge room was packed with developers who had come to hear the lecture “Why is Svelte a favorite among developers?” and socialize with coworkers.



Josip Ante Cindrić, Software Engineer who, along with the rest of the team, uses the Svelte framework in Tilde Loop, delivered the presentation. Svelte has been one of the frameworks that has delighted developers in various surveys in recent years, despite the fact that it is not yet widely used. Svelte is ranked first in terms of developer interest and second in terms of retention rate in the State of Javascript for the year 2022. Given how developers around the world, including the Tilde Loop team, react to it, Svelte could become a much more popular framework in the future.

For this reason, the organizers chose Svelte as the topic of the second meetup, allowing them to share their firsthand experiences with community colleagues.

Josip Ante Cindrić explained and demonstrated the reactivity and functionality of this framework in his presentation, which was created as a Svelte application.

Svelte’s main characteristics are its speed, small size, simplicity, and lack of runtime. Svelte is extremely fast because all of the work (compiling) is done at build time and serves “ideal” JavaScript because it does not interpret the application during runtime, as popular Virtual-DOM frameworks do. This effectively means that abstractions that allow for more efficient application creation have no negative impact on application performance.

Josip Ante Cindrić

Furthermore, because Svelte relies on the Web API rather than its own abstractions, adopting Svelte is relatively painless and simple for new developers with prior experience. All of these characteristics contributed to Svelte’s acceptance as one of the frameworks with a chance to become the leading framework of the future.

Following a presentation of the key benefits of Svelte and questions from the audience, the gathering continued in the relaxed atmosphere and pleasant environment of The Works Coworking.

We are pleased with the event and will soon offer the community a new meetup and an opportunity to gather developers.