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Hero LogoFounded in 2015, Hero is on a journey to change the way we shop, personalizing it by connecting customers with retailers. They have completed a $10m Series A funding round to speed up this reinvention of retail.

Hero enables customers to learn more about the items they’re interested in without leaving their home, office, bus, or wherever they are. Hero’s technology that unlocks their unique advantage over the e-commerce giants empowers stores all over the world.

Hero connects to the retailer’s website using their web plug-in and allows customers to chat with the retailers. Whether via text, or video this allows them to convert a potential customer to an actual customer.

We’ll explore why Hero chose Tilde Loop to assist in expanding and designing their software architecture. This helped us in expanding their reach and functionality. Our developers were embedded members of Hero’s development team, collaborating to solve problems.

Our collaboration

Hero’s platform is built for real-time chat, analytics and sales. It allows 1000’s of mobile and web applications at the same time. It’s important to have the ability to scale individual components and add new features.

We’ve worked with Hero’s development team to identify opportunities to improve processes and practices. The development team at Hero is divided into cross-functional teams. One of the goals was to enable each team to take ownership of one part of the platform. In addition, we’ve assisted them in retaining the confidence in the codebase to publish new changes to production as often as possible. The solution was to migrate from a monolithic architecture to microservices. Afterward, we’ve defined CI/CD pipelines and testing strategies.

We worked with Hero’s engineers to design and build microservices using TypeScriptNode.js and Koa framework. Moreover, we implemented a template that was later used for the development of new services. It enabled us to speed up the development process and simplify the onboarding of new developers.

Together with Hero’s engineers, we decided to use Jest for writing unit tests. This way, every new feature meets its design and behaves as intendedUnit tests and code reviews enabled development teams to maintain the highest level of coding practices. This enabled maximizing the readability and maintainability of the code without compromising quality.

Hero is offering different authentication strategies for users to log in using email and/or phone. Tilde Loop helped with the implementation of those strategies and defined authorization rules. This helped us increase the protection of the user’s private data across the whole platform. We were working with the development teams to implement REST API-s. We’ve documented and monitored them so that every unexpected behavior can be spotted, reproduced and fixed.


To reach even more retailers Hero set their sights on Shopify, an e-commerce platform. Above all, they needed to create an app that would connect their platform with Shopify’s retailers.
To achieve this we choose React – a frontend JavaScript library that uses components to show User Interfaces. We also used Polaris to keep the UI sleek, simple, and in touch with Shopify’s app layout.

Using carefully crafted code, made with readability and scaling in mind, as well as a UX that is friendly and simple. This allows the users to reach Hero’s dashboard, get in contact with them, as well as adjust Hero’s plugin on Shopify.

We’ve implemented solutions for their clients to personalize their responses to potential customers across multiple languages. The retailer can upload responses to Hero’s servers to quickly and easily reply to the customer. They can also name their customization to stand out from the crowd. Anything can be possible with the right UI and cutting-edge technology.

We crafted these solutions with readability, scalability and maintainability in mind. As well as documentation for ease-of-understanding by whoever needs to check the code.

As time moves forward and new technologies arise, we will use the knowledge shared by Hero to continue delivering quality code. We are sure Hero will flourish by using the knowledge Tilde Loop shared with their engineers, and that they will continue to change the e-commerce industry for the better.
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