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OpenSearch is an open-source software suite for search, analytics, and observability applications that is scalable, flexible, and extensible under the Apache 2.0 license. OpenSearch, powered by Apache Lucene and driven by the OpenSearch Project community, provides a vendor-agnostic toolset for developing secure, high-performance, cost-effective applications. You can use OpenSearch as a complete solution or integrate it with your favourite open-source tools or partner projects.

OpenSearch Community 

In 2022 there were over 100 million downloads of OpenSearch, OpenSearch Dashboards, and client libraries, and there were 8,760 pull requests created by 496 contributors. This community has really come together to make some amazing things happen. They have a lot of great things planned for 2023 in support of their mission to be the search and analytics suite for builders. They’ll be decoupling components, improving performance and cost savings, adding integrations, and more.

Build powerful search solutions

Use community-built tools to deploy e-commerce, application, and document search. Full-text query support, natural language processing, custom dictionaries, and a variety of search features provide a versatile foundation for structured and unstructured search applications. You can create search solutions that are finely tuned to your data using built-in faceting, relevance ranking and scoring, and a selection of machine learning (ML) features.

Analyze and discover at a large scale

You can capture, store, and analyze data from a variety of sources for your business, operations, and security. Utilize your preferred data collector and augment your analytics pipeline with integrated ML tools such as anomaly detection. The built-in search functionality allows for quick, accurate query results and timely insights. OpenSearch Dashboards can be used to visualize and report on discoveries, and JDBC can be used to connect to popular business intelligence systems.

Obtain end-to-end observability

With flexible observability tools, you can visualize your monitored environments from beginning to end and identify and resolve issues as they arise. Create visualizations from your metrics, traces, and logs, with the option to transform and enrich your source data using Data Prepper. With support for open-source systems such as OpenTelemetry and Prometheus, you can build powerful, customized observability solutions using cutting-edge components.

Getting started with OpenSearch

OpenSearch includes a data store and search engine, a visualization and user interface, and a plugin library for customizing your tools. Begin in the manner that is most appropriate for your team and environment. To set up your first OpenSearch cluster, you can choose from a number of distributions or start with the official Docker Image.