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JavaScript in 2024: Mastering the Latest Trends for Cutting-Edge Web Apps

Discover the hottest JavaScript trends for 2024 in our latest blog post. From Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and Server-Side Rendering (SSR) to the rising adoption of TypeScript, we cover the essential tools, frameworks, and practices you need to master. Stay ahead in the dynamic world of web development and create cutting-edge web apps by exploring these insights and more. Dive in now to elevate your JavaScript skills!


TypeScript 5.2 Unveils a Powerful New Keyword

TypeScript 5.2 is set to introduce a fresh keyword called ‘using,’ which will provide a convenient way to dispose of objects having a Symbol.dispose function when they go out of scope. Here’s an example showcasing the usage of the new ‘using’ keyword: {   const getResource = () => {     return {       [Symbol.dispose]: () => { […]