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Svelte 5 – Introducing Runes

In 2019, Svelte 3 turned JavaScript into a reactive language. Svelte is a web UI framework that uses a compiler to turn declarative component code like this… …into tightly optimized JavaScript that updates the document when state like count changes. Because the compiler can ‘see’ where count is referenced, the generated code is highly efficient, […]


Exploring the Exciting Features of Svelte 4

Earlier this month, Svelte version 4 was released to the public, bringing some highly anticipated features and fixes to typing, transitions, custom elements, stores, preprocessing, and more. However, the most significant improvements for developers lie in smaller and faster hydration code, as well as a significantly reduced package size. ​ While project managers will appreciate […]


Why is Svelte getting so popular?

Since the release of version 3 in April 2019, Svelte has been the news. But why is that? What is driving this popularity? What makes it unique? Can Svelte be considered the heir to the popular front-end JavaScript frameworks? There are so many questions and we will try to answer them in this blog post. […]