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Time management is crucial if we want to get the very best out of ourselves and deliver optimally. The same goes for the maximization of productivity. There is no one single solution that works for everyone so it’s helpful to be creative. Some developers find it easier to manage tasks by dividing them into tiny chunks while others like to focus on one huge task for an extended period of time. We have to carefully analyze different time management methods and stick to the ones that work best for us. In general, it’s important to prioritize work and stayed focused until we get the job done.

Stay focused

Today, it’s a lot easier than ever to get distracted. Countless notifications from our smartphones, laptops and all kinds of devices make it difficult to concentrate. Being distracted means that we’ll be unable to complete the needed tasks on time. Once again, we need to get rid of these distractions and focus completely on the tasks at hand. The first step we can take in this regard is to close all unneeded applications and put the unimportant updates or notifications on mute. We can also get rid of all the clutter on our desks. Do not make the mistake of checking your emails every minute. Have specific schedules on when to check the emails and messages. This is a very important and helpful step because emails and messages can be highly distracting. Hence, set aside particular breaks or periods when you will check the emails, letters and other folders.

Pomodoro Technique

This technique is developed in the late 1980s by Italian named Francesco Cirillo. It’s widely acclaimed for its effectiveness. In the Pomodoro Technique, you have to divide your task into several sessions, each lasting for about 25 minutes. Then in between these sessions, you have relatively short periods of breaks. Each of these sessions is what is called pomodoro. Your sessions don’t have to be exactly 25 minutes long. You can try it out and eventually find the duration that suits your needs. This method is recommended because it minimizes the effect of interruptions.

Don’t overwork yourself

Another simple time management tip that you can deploy with maximal efficiency is actually not to overwork yourself. Some people think they can get more out of time working without stop. This is actually a very inimical habit as you only end up stressing yourself out. The ideal thing to do is to find a perfect work and life balance for yourself. While it is not bad to work overtime once in a while, you should not make it a habit. Giving your body time to regain lost energy and refresh is actually an excellent time management tip on its own. When you are energized, you are able to execute a lot more tasks in the same period of time without getting tired. But if you overwork yourself, you will end up working at a much slower pace even as you exert more energy.

Never delay feedback

We like to develop high-quality software and feedbacks can help us to achieve it. A classic example of the feedback is a bug report from the user. Also, it can come from our peers in the form of a comment in the pull request. We can take advantage of unit tests and get automated feedback every time we change the code. It’s important to get feedback as soon as possible because it helps us to improve the software in a very productive way.

As a developer, it is important to manage your time well. The ability to manage your time and use it well is directly proportional to the level of productivity that you will achieve. Be realistic and know that there is no magic app anywhere that you can just install and get everything done. You will have to consciously work on yourself so you know that nothing is more important than prioritizing tasks, staying focused and getting feedback in the shortest time possible. Once you start making use of any technique that will allow you to manage time well and maximize your productivity, give yourself time to see the results. Do not push yourself too hard, track your progress, ask for feedback and constantly improve upon your efforts. Nothing good comes easy and the same thing applies to you as a developer seeking to make the best of time and get the most excellent results too.

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