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React, the most popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces has one of the biggest ecosystems and these include comprehensive UI libraries that significantly shorten your development time. Each of them has great documentation, a large ecosystem and out of the box components ready to use with a single import.

Material UI

One of the most popular set of React components that implements the standardized Google’s Material Design Guidelines. The philosophy behind Material Design is to deliver high-quality output consistently across platforms while reducing user cognitive loads by mimicking the physical world. With the huge popularity of Material UI comes great community support making it ideal for startup projects.

Ant Design

From the makers of the Chinese giant Alibaba comes a full-fledged enterprise-class UI design framework for web applications. Offering high quality React components out of the box Ant Desing is written in TypeScript and offers support for most of the modern browsers, Electron as well as Server-side rendering.


Segment Evergreen
Website | GitHub

Evergreen is a beautiful, open-source pragmatic UI kit from Segment. It promotes the belief that you can never predict future requirements so it offers a stable base with components built on a React UI Primitive which allows for extensive customization. It features a UI design language suitable for large, demanding enterprise-grade web apps.

Semantic UI React

The official React integration of Semantic UI influenced by the semantic style of HTML. It’s UI components are divided into 5 descriptive categories:

  • UI Element – a basic building block like a button
  • UI Collection – a group of multiple elements that are not dependent
  • UI View – a piece of website content
  • UI Module – a component with reactive JavaScript functionality like a modal
  • UI Behavior – a component that is used to inject functionality into other components and can’t be used independently

All of the components have states, types, and variations and are designed with em units for responsive sizing.

React Bootstrap

Twitter’s Bootstrap is definitely one of the most popular frameworks up to date and React Bootstrap is the official implementation kit for the newest, fourth version of the framework. It‘s reliable, straightforward and offers great support from the community.


Palantir’s Blueprint is all about complex data-dense applications ideal for building finance, trading, and data/metric heavy websites. The idea behind its component architecture is to keep things flexible by letting users combine atomic components into higher-level ones.


A mobile-first react-based framework that provides modularity, theming and responsiveness in a tidy package. It provides support for W3c’s WCAG 2.1 spec out of the box and embraces atomic design methods for composing components and tailoring them to your needs. You can also easily prototype your components before using them with their official themer and designer.

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