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Revolutionising Stock Photography: Getty Images and Nvidia’s Enhanced AI Collaboration

Getty Images and Nvidia have recently intensified their collaboration in the realm of AI with the introduction of Generative AI by iStock. This new platform utilises text-to-image technology.

A Lawsuit Paved the Way for Innovation: Getty Images Led the Legal Path to a New AI Product

As Getty Images and Nvidia unveil their groundbreaking platform, “Generative AI by iStock,” it’s crucial to recognize the evolving legal landscape in the realm of AI-generated imagery. This new venture, propelled by Nvidia’s Picasso model, heralds a significant leap in stock photography, but it also comes less than a year after Getty Images’ lawsuit against Stability AI, filed in February 2023. This legal action underscores the complexities of intellectual property rights in the age of AI. Getty Images accused Stability AI of misappropriating over 12 million of its copyrighted photographs, including ones bearing the Getty watermark, for developing and training their AI system, Stable Diffusion, without authorization or compensation. This alleged misuse led to confusion among users and raised concerns about the legitimacy and origin of AI-generated images.

Generative AI by iStock: Bridging the Gap for Individual Users   

This venture is an extension of Getty’s initial experiment with AI-generated imagery, Generative AI by Getty Images. However, Generative AI by iStock, part of the iStock photo service owned by Getty, is distinct in its focus. It caters to individuals or single users, as opposed to Getty Images which is designed for multiuser corporate use.

Innovative Training and Application: The Role of Nvidia’s Picasso Model

The technology behind Generative AI by iStock is Nvidia’s Picasso model. It has been exclusively trained using the creative archives of Getty and the stock photo collection of iStock. Notably, it avoids training on Getty’s editorial images to prevent the creation of images featuring trademarks or recognizable personalities.

Enhancing Business Efficiency: Targeting Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Grant Farhall, the Chief Product Officer at Getty, explained to The Verge that Generative AI by iStock aims to serve small and medium-sized businesses in search of stock photos. The service is priced at $14.99 for 100 prompts, with each prompt producing four images.

Legal Indemnity and Contributor Revenue Sharing: Understanding the Differences

 A significant distinction between Getty Images’ AI platform and the new iStock service is in terms of legal indemnity. Generative AI by iStock does not offer unlimited indemnification, unlike its Getty Images counterpart. Instead, there is a maximum coverage of $10,000 per asset, aligning with the licensing terms of its existing library. Similar to Getty’s first AI platform, content contributors who helped train the model are eligible for a revenue sharing scheme.

Upcoming Features: Inpainting and Outpainting Enhancements

 Alexander Lazarou, a spokesperson for Getty, informed The Verge that the iStock platform will soon be enhanced with Inpainting and Outpainting features.