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JavaScript: BigInt

The latest ES2020 defines nine data types. Six data types that are primitives, checked by the typeof operator, null, Object and Function. Primitives are undefined, Boolean, Number, String, Symbol and the new one is BigInt. For the first time in JavaScript we can store numbers bigger than a Number, in other words, store whole numbers larger than 253 – 1.


JavaScript: Class Fields

Class fields is a new feature in JavaScript. This proposal started as two proposals: public fields and private fields proposals but it is now combined in one. Right now, it is in Stage 3 of TC39 so we can expect it to be in our everyday code really soon.


The Current State of Software Accessibility

We have seen drastic improvements and advancements in the accessibility of computer software over the last two decades. The first generation of computer software saw their designs make several assumptions including: all users could read screen displays all users could hear and react to sounds from computing devices all users could use standard keyboards and […]


The impact of COVID-19 on Telehealth in the UK

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused tremendous changes throughout daily life—and in the medical world as well. Not only have providers across the country postponed selective procedures, but many providers also encourage people to avoid making appointments in the office to reduce their risk of exposure to COVID-19. But what do you do if you still […]


JavaScript Template Literals

Template literals are a new JavaScript feature introduced in ES2015 (ES6) that enhances working with strings and adds new interesting constructs used by many popular libraries such as GraphQL and styled-components.


Stories behind the Monolith

A typical monolith has three parts: a database, a user interface, and a server-side application. Also, the word monolith is sometimes used to describe just the server-side application that is built as a single unit while that type of software architecture is called monolithic architecture.


The Benefits of Wireframing

An Introduction to Wireframes In project development, application and web design, structure is key. Not only is the structure of the final product important, but the structure of how you develop the product is key to its ultimate success. Many problems and difficulties arise within the development of a product, especially for new developers and […]