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Time Management Tips for Software Developers

We all have the same number of hours in the day. We cannot create more time, but we can better manage our time so that we can accomplish more in the same amount of time. Time management isn’t just a feel-good concept that personal development gurus spout. The most effective time management methods are supported […]


The Importance of Communication Skills in Development

Communication is essential in software development. Effective communication lowers costs, boosts productivity, saves time, reduces errors, and fosters work cultures. Communication allows information to be shared in order to achieve software engineering goals. It is essential for all professionals to work on enhancing their communication abilities.  Even the best ideas can easily be overlooked without […]


Pivoting – When and how to pivot your startup?

Pivoting is common in the startup world. At the beginning of the pandemic, many founders were forced to change business models because circumstances and the market changed drastically. Those who adapted to the new circumstances of the market profited significantly. Pivoting, which in the startup environment refers to switching to a new strategy, is frequently […]


What are Software Quality metrics?

Software quality should be a very important part of your business and shouldn’t be overlooked. According to CISQ, in 2020 just in the USA reported impact of poor software quality was  £1.75 billion.  It is as important if you have an in-house software development team or youre outsourcing your software development. The good news is […]


Tips for outsourcing your Startups Software Development

A great idea isn’t all it takes for a startup to be successful. It’s just the beginning. How you get to the final product in your startup is up to you. Do you invest in in-house resources to create your product or do you outsource software development to a third-party company?  Investing in an in-house […]


Software architecture – From monoliths to event-driven architecture

Monolithic architecture Monolithic architecture is considered a traditional way and it’s easy to work with. At the startup’s beginning, monolithic architecture comes as a default because you want a simple start and have your business live as soon as possible. Monolithic architecture is great for proving an idea and looking for product-market fit.  A database, […]


How to Reduce Software Development Costs for Startups

Cost reduction is the need of the hour for most startups. But software development remains an important area where many businesses incur so many costs.  For diverse reasons, most businesses continue to have trouble reducing the costs of developing their software products. And, unfortunately, failure to keep costs low has spelled doom for many startups. […]


Tips for managing a Software Development Project

Managing software development projects takes time, effort, and energy due to the vast number of work tasks involved in a successful development and build. These key tips will help you to understand the best way to approach and deliver a software development project whilst utilising the best time management, resources and skills required to complete […]


5 Steps to Writing the Perfect Software Requirements Specification (SRS) Document

Developing a software product without a software requirements specification document is like building without a plan. This article discusses why software requirements specifications are important and provides five effective ways to write the document. What is a software requirement specification? A software requirement specification (SRS) is a document that describes the features, behavior, and how […]


Web 3.0

Imagine a type of internet where you have complete control over your data and privacy. A highly secure and safe web where data centralization and exploitation do not exist. On that internet realm, you could decline the big tech companies’ use of your data. And when you permit it, your data is only used honestly […]