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Memoization: Optimizing with useMemo(), useCallback()

In programming, memoization – is an optimization technique used primarily to speed up programs, it saves the results(in other words caching) of executed functions to prevent repeated calculations. In simple words, memoization is storing something in memory. Functions that use memoization are usually faster because when they are called repeatedly with the same parameters, instead […]


Estimating Software Development Project

Oftentimes, software development projects exceed their time estimations, which results in lost revenue, enlarged budget, and missed market opportunities. To avoid such unwanted consequences, project managers should have a practical approach to assessing the duration of the project. We’re going to share a structured approach that will help project managers to nail software development time estimation. […]


Internationalization & localization

Developing multilingual software goes through two stages: the first stage is internationalization, and the second stage is localization. In this article, we want to give a basic understanding of these two processes and how to implement them in software development. Internationalization(i18n) Internationalization is the process of creating a product that can be easily adapted for […]


Styling React components

Styling React components is one of the important parts of building components and there are different techniques for setting styles. In this article, we’ll demonstrate approaches like: Inline styling CSS Modules CSS in JS We’ll see what these approaches are all about, the pros/cons of each and how to work with them. Inline styling React […]


Everything you need to know about Minimum Viable Product

The greatest flaw of most recent failed business start-ups is a failure to understand the current market and creating a product that is not suitable for current market conditions. Understanding your market is fundamental to the success of any future product you wish to release and that’s why having a detailed overview of the product […]