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On December 4, 2023, IBM and Meta, in partnership with over 50 global pioneers including AMD, CERN, Dell Technologies, Hugging Face, and others, launched the AI Alliance. This international community aims to propel open, safe, and responsible AI, fostering collaboration among developers, researchers, and adopters.

Empowering AI for All: A Vision for the Future

AI’s rapid evolution offers transformative possibilities for work, life, education, and interaction. The AI Alliance champions open and transparent innovation to equip a diverse spectrum of stakeholders with the knowledge and tools necessary to harness AI’s potential responsibly.

Driving Collaboration for Faster, Inclusive Innovation

Recognizing the multitude of entities committed to open science and technology, the AI Alliance calls for increased collaboration and information sharing. By uniting forces, the community can accelerate innovation inclusively, identify and mitigate risks, and ensure responsible AI product deployment.

The AI Alliance’s Strategic Objectives

1. Developing Global Standards: The AI Alliance plans to create benchmarks, evaluation standards, and a catalog of vetted safety, security, and trust tools. These resources will facilitate the responsible development and global usage of AI systems.

2. Advancing Open Foundation Models: With a focus on diverse modalities, the Alliance aims to foster foundational models addressing societal challenges in climate, education, and beyond.

3. Boosting AI Hardware Accelerators: The Alliance seeks to enhance the AI hardware accelerator ecosystem by promoting contributions and adoption of essential enabling software technology.

4. Global AI Skills Building: Engaging with the academic community, the AI Alliance will support researchers and students in contributing to essential AI model and tool research projects.

5. Educational Content and Public Discourse: Developing educational content, the Alliance aims to inform the public and policymakers on AI’s benefits, risks, solutions, and the need for precise regulation.

6. Initiatives for Open AI Development: Launching projects and events, the Alliance encourages open AI development in safe and beneficial ways, showcasing responsible AI use cases.

Diverse Membership for Inclusive Innovation

Comprising leading organisations across industry, startups, academia, research, and government, the AI Alliance ensures a broad representation. Founding members include IBM, Meta, AMD, CERN, Dell Technologies, Hugging Face, and many more, forming a collective force to shape a diverse, responsible AI ecosystem.

Working Together for a Responsible AI Future

The AI Alliance will initiate member-driven working groups, establish a governing board, and form a technical oversight committee. By collaborating with existing initiatives, governments, non-profits, and civil society organisations, the Alliance aims to drive responsible AI development globally.

Endorsements from Founding Members

Prominent figures from founding members, including Arvind Krishna (IBM), Nick Clegg (Meta), Lisa Su (AMD), and others, express their commitment to open innovation and collaboration. They highlight the pivotal role the AI Alliance plays in defining the future of AI, ensuring safety, accountability, and scientific rigour.

To learn more about the AI Alliance and join the global initiative for responsible AI, visit https://thealliance.ai.